Volcano Boarding

The tour that all the backpackers are talking about...

The reason some people travel all the way Leon, Volcano Boarding! The concept is a bit crazy, we admit. Hiking up and active volcano only to slide down again with crazy speed. But don't worry our guides are very experienced and will take very good care of you. 

You'll get picked up at Poco a Poco at 8AM or 2PM and go for an 45 minute drive to the Cerro Negro Volcano. This is an active cilinder volcano with steam coming out, you can also see the different colours because of the internal chemical processes. The hike up is moderate and takes about 45 minutes to reach the top. Here you will enjoy great views of the surrounding area. You'll go for a little exploring tour up there and then it's time... 

Goggles, gloves, jumpsuit, nerves... check? Time to slide down this 728m volcano on a piece of wood! You can go as fast or slow as you want, you have control over the board and your speed. Once you reach the bottom, you don't look the same... You might be completely covered in dust. This is an experience you won't forget! 

Free stuff: cup of coffee, free t-shirt, free beer, free beach shuttle, free fruits, another free beer, transport, free photo's, park entrance fee.

Price: US$30 per person
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