Telica All Day Tour

telica all aday 2
Hike an amazing volcano, but sleep in your hostel.

So you are looking for an amazing adventure, but don't like to camp on top of the volcano? We got you! This hike combines all of the above. You will start the day around 8am and start hiking up the active Telica Volcano. This hike will take about 3 hours to reach the summit. Once you are there you will have plenty of time to enjoy the views, check out the crater, go to a bat cave and just be amazed that this place actually exists. 

Instead of spending the night there or hiking all the way back, there is a car waiting for you to bring you back to Leon that very same day. You will see great views and you have conquered an active volcano! This hike is perfect for the people who have limited time, another plus is that you don't have to bring all that camping gear and food. 

Free stuff: cup of coffee, free t-shirt, free beer, free beach shuttle, another free beer, transport, free photo's, park entrance fee.

Price: USD$50 per per person.
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