el Hoyo Overnight Hike

el hoyo hike
It ain't easy, but my oh my, is it worth it!

This is a full two day full experience which includes Volcano Boarding, hiking to the El Hoyo Volcano and the last day hiking to Asososca Crater Lake. Get ready for maybe the best hike of your life. We start in the morning with Nicaragua's #1 tour: Volcano Boarding at Cerro Negro. When the rest of the group goes home, your adventure is just getting started!

The first hour of this hike is the worst, so let's get it over with. The guides won't rush you and there will be plenty of water breaks, don't worry. As you keep on getting higher and higher, the views will get better and better. You will get a good view of that other volcano you just climbed Cerro Negro. It takes about 3 sweaty hours to reach the campsite at about 850m height. Look straight forward you'll see lake Managua, look left you'll a crater, look right you'll 3 more volcanoes.... Is this real?!

Around the sunset hour you'll climb the final 200 meters to the highest point (1050m), here you will have an absolutely breathtaking view. From here the other volcanoes seem to be perfectly aligned. After a good meal it's time to sleep underneath the starry sky. Next morning you will wake up early and admire all the beauty mother nature has to offer. After breakfast we hike down the volcano towards an fresh water crater lake. Once you reach that reach crater lake it's time for a refreshing swim. Water has never ever felt this good in your life! 

All good things come to an end, including this 2 day hike... We hike to the truck that will drive you back to Leon. After all of this you and your new friends will have some beers together. This is hike you will never forget! 

Free stuff: cup of coffee, free t-shirt, free beer, free beach shuttle, another free beer, transport, free photo's, park entrance fee, meals, camping gear.

Price: USD$70 per person
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