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Telica Volcano Sunset

Volcano Hikes

There are more volcanoes here than fingers on your hand!  It does not matter if you are in shape or not at all, there is a volcano for everyone. We offer half day - full day - overnight adventures for all kinds of people or groups.


We work with a local company called Volcano Day, who are very professional and have been our partner for the last 6 years.  The most popular volcanoes are Cerro Negro, Telica Volcano, El hoyo Volcano, San Cristobal. yes, we go to all of them!

Endless roads in Nicaragua

Shuttle Services

National shuttle service leaving at 9AM daily, prices from $18 per person. 

International shuttle service to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Private transport services for you and your friends. Airport pickup / drop-off at any time of day or to any city anywhere in Nicaragua. We are here to help you! 

Cathedral in Leon Nicaragua

Walking Tours

Join the daily walking tour in the city of Leon and learn a lot more about what has happened here, learn more about culture, learn more about local food, learn more about street art. There is soo much to discover and learn :)

Twice a day there is a free walking tour. We can 100% recommend this tour to you. León has some serious impressive street art and a very high quality art museum which are both worth a visit. Again, we can really recommend our friends to explain more to you. 

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