International Shuttle

Most backpackers are travelling more then just Nicaragua, let us help you with covering those kilometers! We offer daily international shuttles to your next destination. All shuttles leave Leon at 2AM and you will get a free brownie! We can also pick you up at other hostels in Leon. Make sure you have USD7 ready for the border crossings.
El Salvador - El Cuco
  • Pickup time 2.00am
  • Arrival time 8.30am
  • Duration 6,5 hours
  • Price $30

El Salvador - El Tunco
  • Pickup time 2.00am
  • Arrival time 12.30pm
  • Duration 10.5 hours
  • Price $30
Guatemala - Antigua
  • Pickup time 2.00am
  • Arrival time 6.30pm
  • Duration 16.5 hours
  • Price $40

Honduras - La Ceiba
  • Pickup time 2.00am
  • Arrival time 8.00pm
  • Duration 16 hours
  • Price $80
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