Traveling in Central America can be challenging and a lot of fun, we know all about it. If you are done with being in a cramped bus, maybe we can help you out! We offer daily shuttles in Nicaragua, daily international shuttles and private airport services. 


National Shuttle

We offer a daily shuttle service which will bring to your next destination, below are more details. All shuttles depart from the hostel at 9AM, you will pay the driver in cash. 

to Managua Airport       $18

to Granada                      $18

to Laguna de Apoyo      $23

to Isla Ometepe Ferry    $35

to Rivas Gasolinera        $35

to San Juan del Sur        $35


International Shuttle

Central America might just be the perfect continent to go backpacking, many small countries to check out and easy to travel around. It gets even easier if you use our shuttle servcie. We offer a daily shuttle service from the hostel to different locations. All shuttles depart at 3AM and you will have to pay the driver in cash. They will assist you with the border crossings and there will be plenty of bathroom brakes :) 


to Tegucigalpa in Honduras          $80

to beaches in El Salvador               $50

to Antigua in Guatemala                $80


Private Airport Service

Arriving at Managua Airport can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have to find your local transport to get to the next city. Or you arrive in the middle of the night and do not want to stay in the capital. We offer you a very comfortable and private way to get to the hostel at any time of day. The transport is private, drivers speaks English and the vehicle has AC.... ahh the nicer things in life.  

The service is 24/7 and can be used to picked up or dropped of at the Managua International Airport. We just need to know some details: flight number, arrive/departure date and time, number of people, email address and we will get to work for you. 


1 person          $70

2 persons        $75

3 persons        $100

4 persons        $30 per person