A hostel can be so much more than just a place to get some sleep. The owners who have travelled a lot themselves and are determined to give you a great time while staying in Leon for a couple of days. 

Maybe it's because of all this we have been awarded the best hostel in Nicaragua 2018-2019-2020. We think it's because of all the amazing people who visited us since we opened in 2017. And our staff, all local people, who love to work in the hostel and show the best their city has to offer. 


Shared Kitchen

A spacious and fully equiped kitchen for you to use. Add the big dining tables and ping pong table and you'll understand why people spend much time here. 

Cheap Breakfast 

To make sure you start your day in the best possible way, we make breakfast for all our guests for only C$40. One day fluffy panckes, the other day eggs the way you like them. 

Rooftop Terrace
Maybe the most comfy spot in the hostel, a rooftop where you can enjoy the sunset and chill with new friends. This is also where we do the daily free welcome drink. 

Green Garden

The hostel sits in a 200 year old colonial building. We have installed a lush green garden to keep you nice and fresh, while creating a vibe that offers privacy and relaxation. 

Resfreshment Area

Leon is one of the hottest cities in Central-America, so it's best to be prepared. We have just finished our deluxe pool, for you to enjoy! 

Activities & Games

Everyday we offer activities for our guests to join and have some fun before going out. Also we offer a selection of fun board games for you and your friends to enjoy. 

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