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Poco a Poco Hostel

The original Poco a Poco! Spacious and clean with many facilities for you to enjoy. In this building we offer the following roomtypes:
8 bed dorm - shared bathroom
8 bed dorm - shared bathroom
2x deluxe private rooms

4 bed dorm - shared bathroom

4 person deluxe family room

10 person deluxe dorm - private bathroom

guest kitchen, garden, bar, pool, rooftop, hammocks, wifi, activities

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Poco a Poco Junior

The new kid on the block! Same same, but different. We are more focused on workspaces and chilling. Only 20 meters away from the original. You will have a great time here!  Here we offer the following roomtypes: 

2x deluxe private rooms

10 person dorm - private bathroom

4 person dorm - shared bathroom

8 person dorm - shared bathroom

guest kitchen, garden, coffeeshop, workspaces, wifi, hammocks

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