Activities at Poco a Poco Hostel

We try to be not a party hostel.. We see ourselves as a social hostel. This means we organize nice social events almost every day of the week. Because travelling is not just seeing a country, it's also about meeting people from all over the world! With our events it's really to meet other people and have a great time together. You come in alone, but you just might leave together. 


Tuesday- Quiz Night

Think you know about the world around you? Win the quiz and get a big bottle of rum with your team! 


Wednesday- Cocktail Night

You really don't wanna miss out on our cocktail night! We have delicious homemade cocktails for only $1



Thursday - B.Y.O. BBQ

Get ready to eat like a king or queen. We ask you to buy your own food and then we put our own "Grillmaster Walter" behind the grill. He will cook up anything you throw at him! Meat, veggies all is welcome. Most important is that we all have nice meal together. 



Friday - Pasta & Party

First we start with a nice pasta dinner family style. Once our bellies are full we go and visit a very nice bar in the city center. There is live music any many locals. Goodtimes guaranteed! 


walking tour

Saturday- City Walking Tour

The city of León is full of history and we really want to show you all of this! We have an experienced guide who will show the city center and teach about what happened here. The tour takes around 2 hours and departs at 4.30pm. 



Sunday - Pizza Night

Nothing says sunday more then fresh pizza, right? 
The more people the better, because this is a family style dinner. 
Yam Yam Yam! 


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