When we tell the world we are a social hostel, we'd better have some fun and social stuff to offer you. Say no more! We have a team of volunteers who take care of our daily activities inside the hostel. This varies from a FREE welcome drink to salsa lessons and yummy cheap cocktails.

One of the most important and nice things of traveling around the world is meeting other people in the hostel. This is why we are focused on offering a high quality stay and also offer a stay with many places and activities to meet other people. 

Daily Activities


Taco Night

All you can eat Taco Night, you know what that means.... Smiles and full bellies! A good way to meet your fellow travelers and enjoy tasty and healthy food. 


Walking Tour

Join our very experienced guide for a walking tour through the great city of Leon. You will be shown nice as well historic sites. We leave around 4pm every tuesday. 


Pizza Night

Mama Mia, we love our pizzas! All you have to do is sit, eat and have fun. Afterwards we can all go out together. 


Cocktails & Salsa

Salsa runs in the blood of all south american people, us... not so much! That's why we offer a free 1 hour salsa class and cheapo cocktails to get you going. All done? Let's go out and have fun! 


Live Music

Our friends at ViaVia Hostel host local bands every friday night. This is where locals and foreigners come together to have some drinks and dance all night long.


Movie Night

Such a nice way to have chill saturday after a big friday night :) We have a big screen and will show a great movie for our guests. Just sit down and chill, no more no less.  


Beach and BBQ

In the afternoon we'll go to the beach which is already great. In the evening we have a (bring your own) BBQ for our guests. You buy, we grill it, you eat it. Goodtimes guaranteed. 

"Do you have the skills to entertain a group of people? Are you the person who always has smile on his face? Are you not afraid to talk to people? This might be a good place for you to come and join our team of volunteers for a minimum of 1 month. We are looking for outgoing people who can host our social activities. This means getting our guests motivated to join your activities, host the activities, cook a great meal for 20+ people. In exchange you can stay for free and get free meals. Use the contact form to apply for this position"