Restaurants in León

Los Chinitos 
A cheap staple comedor serving classic Nicaraguan dishes (queso fresco, gallo pinto, platano and a variety of meats). Meals start at 40 cordobas and is located 2 blocks away.

Asados Pelibuey
1 block away from us, a yummy choice for a hungry traveler. Although a little pricier than other comedors, definitely worth it. Named after a type of sheep, kind of hard to find in other parts of the world, grab a bite here to enjoy some of the most delicious comedor meat in Leon. 

San Benito
Come here at lunch, be prepared to line up with all the locals of the neighborhood! You can't leave Leon without drooling over the options at San Benito. 


La Nicaraguita
For some more upscale Nicaraguan and other food, don't miss la Nicaraguita. You can't go wrong with any choice on the menu.

A breakfast at Desayunazo will fill you up for a good handful of hours. Delicious food, from the typical Nica breakfast to their sweet waffles and pancakes, unlimited coffee refills and a personal favorite, the cacao drink. Would stay in Leon 1 day more to get breakfast here!

Pan y Paz
Although not very Nicaraguan, everyone needs some fresh bread, croissants and pain au chocolats in their lives. This French bakery has 2 locations in Leon and is popular among locals and tourists, although not super cheap. 

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