Bus Times

Besides our shuttles, we offer a well-informed bus schedule so you can get around with public transportation without stressing.
All buses to other cities leave from the Terminal de buses, which costs C$20-C$40 to get to or is a half hour walk away.

- Expreso: leaves every hour from 4am-7pm, costs +/-50 cordobas, is 1,5/2 hours long.
- Mini bus to UCA: Leaves when full from 5am-7pm, costs 60 cordobas, is 1,5/2 hours long.
- Chicken bus: leaves every hour from 4am-7pm and can take however long it likes :)

- Leaves at 4:40am, 7:30am and 2:45pm
- Takes +/-3 hours
- Costs 70/80 cordobas

- Leaves at 5:20am, 12:45pm, 2:15pm and 3:30pm
- Takes 2/2,5 hours
- Costs +/-80 cordobas

-Take a bus to Managua and transfer at the UCA to go to Granada.

Don't feel like taking a local bus, see the Shuttles Section on our website. 

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